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This question was answered on Thu 02, Jun 2011 07:19am by Dr Sanjivani Wanjari


Asked by Unregistered (Female; 43; India; IRREGULAR AND HEAVY PERIPODS; Relevant drugs:OVULOC-LD , TRAPIC-MF , GYNAE-CVP ) on Wed 01, Jun 2011 12:48am


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Answer by Dr Sanjivani Wanjari (doctor) on Thu 02, Jun 2011 07:19am:

Hi, the tablets can be taken for control of bleeding. Gynaec CVP and trapic MF are given as haemostatics. The ovulac LD is probably a hormonal therapy which may have been given by your Doctor for regularising your menses. All these measures can help control the bleeding and can be safely taken. If this does not help then recourse to D&C may be necessary. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
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Comment by Jaz on Sat 10, Sep 2011 10:45am:
Hi, Doctor has adviced my wife to take regestrone thrice for 3 days and then ovuloc ld for 21 days from the second day of the period. Also he adviced to take ovuloc ld for 21 days in the consecutive months. He said that taking ovuloc ld will avoid pregnancy totally also. Please let me know if this is correct. Want to take a second opinion as I do not want to take a chance. Also please let me know the side affects if any of ovuloc ld for future when we want a baby. Also, we are not planning for a family until next 2 years, as we are recently married. Please advice, so that we can start with the medicine.

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