Asked by (Female; 33; G3T2P0A1L2, 1996-blighted ovum ) on Thu 10, Dec 2009 05:08pm

i started taking diane 35 8 days after my menstrual period, after finishing the pack of 21 pills,still i dont have my monthly period. then when in had my pregnancy test, it is positive. i just want to know if ever im really pregnant, what could be the side effect of diane 35 to my it really possible to get pregnant after taking diane 35 especially when i started to take the first pill 8 days after my period,instead of taking it at the first day of my period?

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Answer by Dr Rowena S, MD (doctor) on Sun 20, Dec 2009 07:13pm:

Hi, How are you? If you continued taking your birth control pill while pregnant,do not be alarmed. This is because there is very little evidence that exposure to the hormones in birth control pills causes birth defects. However, stop taking Diane 35 at this point. Since the birth control pill is still a potent estrogen to prevent possible miscarriage in early pregnancy. To confirm if pregnant or not, you can check with another urine pregnancy test or take the more accurate serum HCG test. It is possible to be pregnant especially if your last menstruation was the implantation bleeding which is usually mistaken for a regular bleeding. Take care and do keep us posted.
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Comment by vanessa on Mon 20, Sep 2010 03:35am:
i am 40 yrs old can i take any contr?aceptive pills

Comment by Amy on Wed 06, Oct 2010 08:10am:
Hi, I've been taking Diane 35 for about 8months and never missed it. But started the present one on the last day of my last menses the 24th of sept. Now I'm on the 13th today the 6th of October but had sex on the 2&3. I went to the bathroom some few minutes ago and realized I was having a slightly red blood after peeing. Could I be pregnant while using Diane? Should I stop? I'm confused, why the blood after 13days from the last day of my last period? Pls help.

Comment by Lois on Mon 11, Oct 2010 06:10am:
could i start using diane-35 2 days after my period ended or do i have to start it on the 1st day.

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Fri 22, Oct 2010 07:27am:
Hi vanessa, How are you? As long as you are still ovulating and you want to have a birth control method, you can still take oral contraceptives. However, talk to your gynecologist about and have proper evaluation. Medical history and presence of co-morbid conditions are also essential in determining if you are still suitable for OCPs. Take care and regards.

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Fri 22, Oct 2010 07:33am:
Hi Amy, Thank you for posting. If you had changes in taking your OCP, this could result to hormonal changes and your symptoms. As long as you are taking it as prescribed, there is nothing to be worried about. Otherwise, implantation bleeding may be present. This can be ruled out with pregnancy tests. Other differentials include kidney stones or infection of the urinary tract. If it persists, check with your doctor for proper management. Take care and do keep us posted.

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Fri 22, Oct 2010 07:42am:
Hi Lois, If there is no preceding hormonal contraceptive use in the past month, tablet-taking has to start on day 1 of your cycle or the first day of your period. You can start on days 2-5 but during the first cycle a barrier method is recommended. If you are changing from another combined oral contraceptive (COC), start on the day after the last active tablet of previous COC. If you opt to start later, you must have barrier method for the first 2 weeks or if there was contact, you should first exclude pregnancy. Take care and regards.

Comment by janice on Mon 22, Nov 2010 06:55am:
hi i started using diane 35 on the 14th nov. my first uterine bleeding was last 11th november but i could not recall if i have 2 or 3 days bleeding...may i ask when can i have unprotected sex? im also wasnt so sure if the first bleeding was last 11 or earlier or later ...all i know is i took the pill between the 5 days from having the bleeding

Comment by lisa on Tue 23, Nov 2010 06:18am:
Hi i amtaking diane 35 consistently for 5 months now. i started a new pack wednesday (nov.17)but i missed a tablet last sunday (nov.21). I immediately took the tablet(monday) same time as i usually take it which means i took 2 tablets at the same time yesterday(monday). the problem is, during the 7 break period i had sexual intercourse specifically nov.10 (wednesday). I had period again nov.14.. now i'm not sure if i might get pregnant? i'm really worried. please advise.

Comment by glensa on Sun 28, Nov 2010 12:14pm:
hi im glenda first time using a diane 35 then i finished the 21 tablets but until now i dont have a period? i take a tablet i pregnant?

Comment by shalle dee on Fri 17, Dec 2010 08:58am:
hi im sha iwas taking diane 35 for 3months only but the last pad i take i didnt finish it maybe i took only 6 tabs then i stop...after stopping my menstrual period came at the end of the month,suppose to be it will be on the 5th day of the month then after my period i have again a menstrual period on the 17th of the it normal after?i never encounter this before..thank you.

Comment by jennifer on Mon 10, Jan 2011 03:26am:
hi i've been starting taking diane 35 3days after my bf and i had contact,and this week i've been waiting my period to come but i do never had. its one week lapse from the estimated day of my period,i take PT and its ngeative,am worried what if i was into my unwanted pregnancy?

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Sun 23, Jan 2011 05:10pm:
Hi glensa, One of the side effect of oral contraceptive pills is irregular menstruation. As long as you are taking the pill as prescribed, the chance of pregnancy is low. Take care and regards.

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Sun 23, Jan 2011 05:14pm:
Hi sha, If you stopped your OCP, the resulting irregular menstruation is a possible effect. Your cycle will return to normal once your hormones stabilize. If bleeding persists, check with your gynecologist for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.

Response by Dr Rowena S, MD on Sun 23, Jan 2011 05:16pm:
Hi Jennifer, you can try the more accurate serum HCG test to determine of you conceived or not. Since you took the pill after a few days from contact, there is a chance of pregnancy. And the chance of pregnancy increases if you were ovulating at the time of sexual contact.Take care and regards.

Comment by charity on Thu 27, Jan 2011 08:14pm:
hello.....I am charity.This is my first time to use diane 35. But i bought it just now and my period is already over. What should I do?..can i still take the tablet?....and also...what if i have my period already while taking the diane 35 and theres still 2 tablets remaining....should i take it still or buy another pack again..Im hoping for an answer...I just wanna ask a lot of things since this is my first time to use this product..thank you...

Comment by Andrea on Wed 02, Feb 2011 08:27am:
Hi. its my first time to take Diane. I had my menses on 16th of January and took the pills on the 17th. i took the pills everyday. now its February 2, 18 days from my 1st menses. is it normal? should i stop the pills?

Comment by on Sat 05, Mar 2011 09:30am:
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Comment by Jane on Sun 10, Apr 2011 07:57pm:
Hi Im jane. I just wanted to know if it is Safe if i use the diane 35 one week befor my bf Make love with me?? Pls Help me im hoping for the answer.. thank you

Comment by andy on Sun 17, Apr 2011 08:29am:
hi! iv been taking diane 35 for 2 mos. but its been 9 days since the last tablet i took,instead of continuing aftr the 7 day free tablet. can i stil continue to take even if its beyond 7 days? is there a posibility for me to get pregnant if ihad unprotected sex 3 days from now? thnks

Comment by on Sun 17, Apr 2011 09:52pm:
You have to take Diane 35 for 21 days and this is followed by a 7 day pill free period. If you have missed starting the pills again, then start it on the first Sunday after your 7 day pill free week. This is called Sunday start method of taking the pills. Use a condom in the meantime to prevent any pregnancy.

Comment by Jen on Sun 01, May 2011 04:57am:
hi im jenny, i was just worried of getting pregnant. My bf and i had unprotected sex yesterday and I know I'm fertile because of the egg yolk appearance of my discharge, I took diane35 as a preventive measure. We are worried abt the pre-cum, will i still be pregnant even though i immediately started taking diane35 the next day? I would appreciate your response =)

Comment by pinky on Sat 14, May 2011 10:59pm:
Hi I've been taking Diane 35 for 5 months now. I finished the 21 tablet. But i forgot to take 1 tablet but the next day i took two tablet immediately at the same time. My period should be on the 7 day no pill but now i still no period. Am I pergnant?

Comment by nova on Sat 04, Jun 2011 03:50am:
hi , im nova.. and i want to take diane 35 now!! (june 4) but i already had my monthly period.. is it okay????

Comment by nova on Sat 04, Jun 2011 03:54am:
i dont actually understand the proper taking of it.... my last menstruation was march 20.... and i want to take now diane 35 (june4).. can i have sex on june 6>?

Comment by Michelle on Mon 06, Jun 2011 11:58am:
Hi... I had my last period last May 10 and been sexually active till the 23rd of May unsafe (as in everything went inside me)with my Boyfriend. I started taking Diane 35 on the 27th since someone told me emergency contraceptive will work if i dont wanna get pregnant. Could i be pregnant?

Comment by galaxxy on Sun 14, Aug 2011 01:38pm:
hi this is galaxy i almost 1year taken diane pills 35 until june 2010july 22 2011 after this i have 7days interval start july 23 to july30.after this i have a period start july 25 to 31.after this i stopped taken diane pills .then in 14 days i make sexual contact to my bf ..its is possible im getting pregnant? thank u....i hope u esponse my question...

Comment by galaxxy on Sun 14, Aug 2011 01:59pm:
wat do you think i stopped taking diane pills 0f aug 01 to aug 13 i think im fertile and i having sexual contact to my bf of aug 13..coz i stopped take pills of july 22 and i have period of july 25 to 31...?its is possible?god bless

Comment by carol on Tue 16, Aug 2011 02:42am:
i had unprotected sex 4 dayz after my period but tokk p2 pills the following day after 5 days i started bleeding which was very light and lasted for only 3 days on that last day i started on diane 35 now am done with the first pack and started immediately on the second pack,am i now safe to have unprotected sex and what are the chancws of i could be pregnant?

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