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This question was answered on Sat 19, Mar 2011 05:07am by Dr Madhulika Mohanty

mtp kit how to use

Asked by Unregistered (Female; 17; India; frist time; Relevant drugs:frist time ) on Fri 18, Mar 2011 04:25am

i have sex with my boy friend date 15.02.11 (last pri. date 04.02.11) Now my pri. is block , how to use mit kit please tel me solution

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Answer by Dr Madhulika Mohanty (doctor) on Sat 19, Mar 2011 05:07am:

Hi, first of all get a pregnancy test done to confirm. You have to take the first morning sample the mid stream one and follow the instructions as directed in the kit. If the test is positive you then you are pregnant. MTP kit contains 1 tablet of mifepristone 200 mg to be given orally and 4 tablets of 200 mcg misoprostol to be given vaginally for the medical termination of pregnancy. They should not be used with out supervision of the doctor as sometimes complications like excessive bleeding and incomplete abortion can occur and land you in a critical state. I hope you have understood. Get in touch with a doctor for further assistance. Take care.
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Comment by DIVYESH on Sat 28, May 2011 04:08am:

Comment by divyesh on Sat 28, May 2011 04:12am:
have sex with my boy friend date 15.02.11 (last pri. date 04.02.11) Now my pri. is block , how to use mit kit please tel me solution

Response by Dr Madhulika Mohanty on Sat 28, May 2011 07:24am:
Dear Divyesh if your last period was on 4th feb, you are more than 3 months pregnant now. MTP kit is used for termination up to 9 weeks or 63 days. The dosage is mifepristone 200 mg orally followed 13 days later by misoprostol 800 mcg (4 tablets of 200 mcg) vaginally. For women at 4963 days of gestation, if abortion has not occurred 4 hours after administration of misoprostol, a second dose of misoprostol 400 mcg (2 tablets of 200 mcg) may be administered vaginally or orally. As you are more than 9 weeks pregnant I would advise you to get in touch with a doctor. They should not be used with out supervision of the doctor as sometimes complications like excessive bleeding and incomplete abortion can occur and land you in a critical state. I hope you have understood. Get in touch with a doctor for further assistance. Take care.

Comment by Supriya Dash on Sun 11, Sep 2011 08:43am:
Thanks Dr. This is Supriya Dash,age 30 years and I found pegnant just 3 days back due to my period date has passed for one week and i check through the pegnancy testing kit. Day before yesterday i use MTP kit with the consult of pharmasist. I eat Mifepristone 200 mg and two Misoprostol tablet at evening 5 pm and i realise bleeding starts from that time, after 6 hours i eat other 2 Misoprostol tablet but i don't have bleeding from that time. Could you please suggest what to do now. Whether any matter of concern or not? I am really afraid.

Comment by mahi on Thu 27, Oct 2011 10:34pm:
do its use in vagina

Comment by joanne on Sat 28, Jan 2012 01:51am:
hi friendsss but today i was use this mifepristone200mg but its not effect anything...........and after i take 2 tablet of misoprostol 200mcg veginaluse but still nothing result so plz what i do plz can u give some suggestion

Comment by suresh on Thu 15, Mar 2012 09:08am:
sir,plz give me answer pregnot MT kit ni teblet no use kevi rite karvo.plz answer

Comment by shalini on Mon 24, Sep 2012 02:18am:
mam i am shalini my period time is 24 aug and my boyfriend sexual realeson 3 aug my last period is 24 july at this time my period are stop pls some sggest me for mtp kit.

Comment by akash on Wed 23, Jan 2013 10:09am:
how to use mtp kit??

Comment by a.singh on Thu 25, Apr 2013 02:42am:
mam maine apne girlfriend ke sath kiya uska period ka date 20th rehta hai uska preiod block ho gaya koi problem to nhi yedi hai to plz solution bataye mine m.t.p medicene ke bare me suna hai plz ans me.

Comment by roshani on Mon 20, May 2013 12:44am:
how to use mtp kit first dose and timesecond dose(4-tablet0

Comment by on Fri 21, Jun 2013 08:54am:

Comment by alexxx on Fri 21, Jun 2013 09:12am:
hey people, im nt a doc but according to wat I went through I was pregnant 4 weeks wid no foetal pole. doc misoprostol 600microgram per rectal/oral one does followed by another 8hrs qnother then after 4 hrs rest 3 does total 5 does but there was no bleeding no cramp. I was too afraid iwent again for sonographhy this time again the doc said there is sac but no foetal pole so its.miscarriage ..might b uts because as soon as I had unprotected sex I had unwanted 72 which didnt work.. n I got confuse its necessary to remove sac ..n I font want to go surgical aspiration?? so I requested her to giv her pill she to use 200micro gram of mifegiset(mifepristone) orally n 8 hrs later 200microgram 4 pills of misoprostol vaginally...i m confuse noe I searched in net uts 48hrs c said 8 hrs does that make difference... pls any foc reply??? n too all people I had once used mifepristone+misoprostol that is 200microgram mifepristone then 800micro gm misoprostol vaginally was more effective as this time when I used misoprostol inly n it didnt bleed I repeated overdoes brought headache diarrhoea nausea n joint paint fever 100 to me it was so bad.... n I wud like to request all girls if not ur husband pls dont let ur body ruin by someone guy.. wat if there is complication regarding preganacy fertility later in future...pls use condom...or never forget to calculate safe period 7 days of ur menstruation n I think 9 dayd bfor menstruation. n b fir taking any pills do confirm ur surely pregnant or not if padera news is +ve go for sonography cus it may b ectopic pregnancy n abortion pill may not work .....girls stay safe stay aware.. fir my que doc I hav sac wuth no foetal pile is it imp to abort as my menstruation has not occur..can u tell me does of mifepristone n doc

Comment by bhavesh on Sat 27, Jul 2013 08:17am:
how to use misoprosto teblet

Comment by santoshi on Wed 23, Oct 2013 04:08am:
Mam Maine apni girl frnd me saath relation hahaha or Yakima period date 9tarikh hoti hailakin pichle 2 month se period nahi a rahe hai ma M plz help me Kya Karl mam my p kit me bare me suns tha Mam plz loo raasta bata dijiye jis se period same lage.

Comment by prithvi on Thu 09, Jan 2014 10:18am:
i m 8 week pregnent can i use this kit

Comment by pooja on Thu 13, Mar 2014 04:23am:
Hi mam ,m Pooja having pregnancy of one monthwe both me n my husban want to terminate this pregnancy,three year back I had done this MTP at home ,now need or help for SMTP kit and how to use it. Last time I had taken Italy,1 tblt MFP 200 mg and after 58 hours taken MSP how much exactly not reminded

Comment by sandi on Sun 25, May 2014 10:51am:
Hello Sir/ Mam, My last period was start on 23/03 and today is 25/04 and did not getting blooding. I test with pregnancy kit and found +ve result. I take kit "pregnot kit, Lupin manufacturing" is there any side effect of this and also suggest me best to take these tablet.

Comment by khan on Wed 09, Jul 2014 06:25am:
hello my girlfriend missed her periods it is alomost 5 days over is she you have any tablet to get here periods normaly

Comment by rajverma6 on Tue 28, Oct 2014 01:10am:
sex, parengency, safed pani ya periods se related kisi bhi problem ke bare me jankari ke liye call karen. Mo.-9958486563

Comment by onlinepillmart on Fri 31, Oct 2014 05:37am:
MTP kit is used for termination of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of gestation where pregnancy is calculated from the first day of last menstrual cycle in a presumed 28 days of cycle and ovulation occurs at the mid-cycle. Before using MTP kit, the patient should at first confirm about her pregnancy and if the patient is showing positive result then this MTP kit can be used. MTP kit contains combination of 5 tablets. One tablet of Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol. The patient should take 1 tablet of Mifepristone having strength of 200 mg orally and after one to three days four tablets of Misoprostol of strength 200 mcg is given orally or vaginally that depends on the preference and amount of bleeding. The patient using get heavy bleeding at times after 2-5 hours of Misoprostol that can continue for 3-5 hours. However, bleeding may stop less than three hours as well and it is also not necessary that patient will pass heavy bleeding. Often less bleeding for short span of time can also be noticed for those who is using MTP kit. Sometimes, the women bleed heavily up to 48 hours and might pass blood clots for days or even several weeks after the intake of Misoprostol. The intake of medicines present in the MTP kit depends on the age and health condition of the patients. In case, the patient is using this medicine for preventing ulcer, then they need to take it four times in a day orally after the meal. If the patient is using medicines for abortion, it should be taken same as suggested by their doctor or medical advisor. The patients should not take these medicines in excess amount as overdose might lead to serious problem in the patients. The patients will suffer from bleedingfor one to three weeks after abortion. However, this may vary from person to person as different person have different tolerance capacity of the medicine. The patient should confirm their pregnancy termination either by clinical examination of ultrasonography.

Comment by niraj on Thu 06, Nov 2014 07:01pm:
Is necessary to take mifeprestone if i take misoprotal directly can is this effective for the terminate preganancy please reply me i m confused plzz as soon possible...

Comment by arun kumar on Sat 13, Dec 2014 10:24pm:
after four day bleeding not stop what I do

Comment by onlinepillmart on Mon 15, Dec 2014 02:29am:
Yes niraj There is necessary to take mifeprestone. It is compulsory. Hello arun kumar, you should have to go to your gynecologist for proper medical adviser.

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