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This question was answered on Wed 23, Mar 2011 08:23pm by Dr Madhulika Mohanty

side effects of oralcon

Asked by Unregistered 0; United Kingdom ) on Tue 22, Mar 2011 10:16am

Hi, I have been using oralcon for two months. Every time when me and my boyfriend make out it bruns like this norma?

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Answer by Dr Madhulika Mohanty (doctor) on Wed 23, Mar 2011 08:23pm:

Hi, burning area inside vagina after sex can be due to vaginal dryness,vaginal infection, vaginal candidiasis, bacterial vaginosis ,allergic to sperm or latex of condom, allergy to sweat or dirt in the male organ, sexually transmitted disease etc. Ideally Oralcon should not cause it. You should go for a clinical examination and checkup with an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. You should wash the area with mild unscented soap and wipe it dry, apply ice packs in genital area or sit in cool sitz bath. You should avoid tight undergarments and tight jeans as it traps moisture in the pelvic area; use loose cloth; use cotton garments as they absorb body moisture; dry the pelvic area after exercise and bathing; wipe the genital area after urination and bowel movement; do not shave the pubic hair as hair naturally protects against chemicals to come in contact with skin. Take care.
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Comment by Portia on Thu 11, Aug 2011 07:19am:
Hi, doc i just recently started using oralcon and i noticed that its takes time for me to be wet when we are about to have sex with my husband. And if iam wet during sex i became dry. Could this be the pill that is affecting me?

Comment by urisha on Wed 07, Sep 2011 03:07pm:
Can you get cancer by taking oralcon?

Comment by Astrid on Mon 23, Apr 2012 08:15am:
I've been taking oralcon for a week and i feel tired all the time and the nasau is like morning sickness is this normal

Comment by alecia on Mon 04, Jun 2012 03:17pm:
Can oralcon prevent pregnancy?can it give u cancer if u drink it quite a while and can it make you sterile

Comment by nico jessica cunningham on Fri 08, Jun 2012 01:57pm:
Does oralcon have a 100% chance of you not falling pregnant?

Comment by Lucy on Fri 29, Jun 2012 05:16am:
Hi Doc I have been on oralcon for about a year now and ever since i have been on it i have not been able to have sex with my husband due to swelling in the vagina and a green discharge and causes me to burn even when I pee. could this be from the pill

Comment by Lindy on Fri 13, Jul 2012 07:38am:
Hi Doc I've been taking Oralcon for two months I noticed that, my breasts a sore all the time and I feel preganant and even having abdominal pains, it worries me to death as I am not planning to get pregnant, is this normal plz help! Before that I was takinf hy-an and wanted to take something stronger and the professional nurse suggested Oralcon.

Comment by lola on Wed 10, Oct 2012 11:13am:
Hi Dr i have been using oralcon for two weeks,I'm having severe headache n feeling dizzy now and then.The Dr suggested me to take oralcon because I'm having problem my periods its been five year alredy without seeng dem,n now we are traying to hav a child with my husband. Pls help me coz I we realy want a child.

Comment by urisha on Thu 11, Oct 2012 01:52am:
Hi doc I've been on oralcon for a year now n have been picking up weight. Should I change my pill?

Comment by ADRI on Fri 26, Oct 2012 06:51am:

Comment by phumeza on Tue 18, Dec 2012 01:35am:
hi, i have been on oralcon for a month now but suddenly my breast are sore all the time and i feel bloated and having abdominal cramps. is this normal, my breast are getting a water fluid if i press them hard

Comment by Patricia on Sun 10, Nov 2013 11:53pm:
Hey Doc I was using Depo 3 month ago but I stop this treatment 3 month back.Then I am starting using oralcon it's a month then I get my period,do u think I can get pregnant?because um planning to have the 2nd baby with my husband.Please help me....

Comment by nelly a mumbi on Mon 11, Nov 2013 01:38pm:
hey doc can oralcon F coz breast cancer or weight

Comment by Thando on Wed 11, Dec 2013 11:34am:
Hi doc. Ever since I've started using Oralcon I've developed a whitish vaginal substance of some sort. Is this normal? Will it not lead to something else? What could it be?

Comment by sandra on Thu 09, Jan 2014 04:46am:
Hi..i ws using nur injection bt i stopped cz my periods wer lasting for 2 weeks,now am on oralcon pill,since i started taking it i av been having headaches nd noseas nd av lost my apetitte,i feel sleepy nd long wl it take for these things to disapear cz its been a month alrdy.shoud i stop taking it cz its realy making me sick

Comment by Malefa Patience on Sat 15, Feb 2014 05:05pm:
Im using oralcon n planing on having my first born how long must i wait not taking my pills so that i can a healthy baby

Comment by Thabi on Thu 27, Mar 2014 02:29am:
i have used oralcon for a month and now i feel pregnant, i have all pregnancy symptoms and im still taking the pill. am i pregnant and should i stop taking the pill

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